//What We Do


Choosing the right live room to cut tracks is an important consideration when deciding on a studio. Important room properties are its the size, shape, treatment, and flexibility. Our “room-within-a-room” studio dimensions were designed with precise length/width/height ratios (developed by L.W. Sepmeyer) to create the ideal rectangular tracking room set-up and optimize frequency response. With nonparallel ceilings, bass traps, and movable diffusion and absorption panels, you can create isolation booths and, most importantly, choose a room sound appropriate to your song.


Cultivating a mix that truly “sings” and moves the listener requires a proportionate combination of the room, the ears, monitoring, gear, and talent. Unfortunately, the shortcomings of “mixing-at-home” is a variety of the above but primarily the room. When you’re listening to music, you’re also listening to the acoustically “sound” of the space you’re in. Therefore, it’s essential that the song is mixed in a room that has a flat frequency response where you can hear the intricacies of subtle changes while working and two, that it “translates” appropriately across music delivery mediums (Example: car speakers, headphones, home stereos, venues and so on).

Artist Development

Vision is the key for growth – the fuel that gives you drive towards success. In the context of you as an artist: through quality recordings and production, a developed brand/identity, and effective business and marketing strategies, we can help you towards that vision.

Looking for some financial aid? Besides selling your body parts or robbing a bank, crowdfunding (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, ect) can be a great way to raise money for your project. We can help you develop and launch a crowdfunding campaign that can maximize the potential to financially back up your project.

Video Production

In a visually-hungry world, making an awesome video is a great way to increase exposure and connect with fans. Our film crew has the industry-standard video equipment and creativity to capture the visual aspect of your music and message.

Web design/development

A pro website is the cornerstone of a strong web presence. A strong web presence is the cornerstone of getting the most exposure as an artist. Basically, you need a website. With one, you will bridge the communication gap between you and your fans. Post your music, pictures, videos, blogs, tour schedule, and everything in between. With an army of designers and developers, we will create your internet headquarters.

Graphic Design

Want to build your image? From logo, press kit, album designs to flyers, posters, and business cards, our creative design team can create a brand that visually represents who you are and your music.


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